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Brannen D. Payne

I attended the University of Central Arkansas, Honors College, in Conway for my undergraduate degree. I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in 2010, and I still love to read Ancient Greek Philosophy.

I worked for the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections at the NWACCC unit in Fayetteville after college. There I met my now-wife (who is a substance-abuse counselor, not a resident), and was inspired to become a criminal defense attorney. My wife now teaches at the University, thankfully.

I attended the University of Arkansas School of Law here in Fayetteville, and graduated with honors in the spring of 2015. While in law school I clerked for both the Benton County Public Defender's office and the office of the Arkansas Attorney General in Little Rock, where I worked in the Criminal Appeals Department.

After law school I worked with two large "volume-practice" defense firms in Northwest Arkansas for several years before realizing that I could provide better outcomes and service for my clients as my own firm--focused on client outcomes above all else.


I founded Payne Law Firm, PLLC, to provide focused and personalized representation on  DWI cases throughout Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. My firm is exclusively focused on DWI and criminal defense, and its core value is to serve clients by providing a personal and familiar guide through the criminal defense process. Your case is not a commodity--it's personal, and matters a great deal to you. It should matter just as much to your attorney.

Click on LinkedIn below to view even more of my experience and full resume.

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